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Investing in Timely & Accurate Data

We have invested significantly in our service capabilities recently, particularly our new Farm Analytics service, which aims to provide you with the right data at the right time.

The Farm Analytics service is supported by our investment in a range of analytical services, including modern soil sampling equipment and technology and the recruitment of Kris Tink, our new Soil Sampling & Field Trial Technician.

Kris joined the team earlier this year and will become familiar with many PACG clients who utilise our Farm Analytics service. Kris recently entered the agriculture industry, after spending many years as a boat builder and has quickly realised that his trade and technical skills are perfect for the farming industry, where a little bit of ingenuity and hands-on skills go a long way.

Our Farm Analytics service includes:

  • Zone & imagery management
  • Variable-rate prescription mapping
  • Feed analysis
  • Herbicide resistance monitoring
  • Root disease analysis
  • Plant tissue analysis
  • Seed quality analysis
  • Manure & compost analysis
  • Water quality analysis
  • Soil sampling & analysis (grid sampling, complete topsoil, zoned topsoil, deep nitrogen & sulphur testing, carbon baseline, cropping profile and pasture profile)

For more information about our Farm Analytics service call 1300 861 541.

Kris Tink, Soil Sampling & Field Trial Technician

Premier Ag’s new soil sampling vehicle

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